Baffles play critical role in mixed-use lounge space at Qualtrics Chicago office

Qualtrics Chicago Office

For Qualtrics, an experience management software firm, creating a welcoming and comfortable environment for its employees is a top priority, and remained of utmost importance for the fit-out of their new Chicago office.

Working with design firm ‘Partners by Design’ (‘PBD’), the team recognised the need to balance areas for focused work with more informal, mixed-use collaborative spaces. To address the potential issue of rising noise levels within their open-plan lounge and informal workspace, PBD enlisted the help of Folio-Solutions for advice on the best acoustic solutions.

Ultimately, Acoufelt custom ‘Truss’ Baffles in the ‘Wine Barrel’ WoodBeQuiet™ print were put forward for their strong sound-absorption abilities and dynamic visual presence. Easy to install and designed to mimic the natural aesthetic of real wood beams, our custom ‘Truss’ Baffles offer all the benefits of real timber, without the associated weight and sound reverberation problems. They are also comprised of a minimum 60% recycled PET material, and generated using 40% solar energy.

Strategically positioned, the Baffles guide the eye through the open plan office to create a sense of space and wayfinding, while also subtly cloaking the cavernous open ceiling.

For Qualtrics Chicago, our acoustic Baffles will play a crucial role in ensuring that the creative ideas generated by employees aren’t inhibited by excessive noise and echo.


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