Our People

We’re one global team with a fearless sense of possibility.

Our business structure is based on being a company of cross-functional teams. 

Acoufelt is always looking for outstanding people to join our industry-leading company to help build the global brand of Making Quiet. 

Team Members – Region
Patti Brown
Systems Administrator
Fred Zamani
Business Development Manager
Adam Parker
Specification Sales Representative
Barry Truan
Kirsty Schade
Financial Controller
Tyler Boehme
Regional Sales Director
Hannah Estacio
Alex Pardes
Director of Design Services
Greg Neilson
Senior Inside Sales
May Jane Nirza
Marieke Van Heerden
Business Support Manager
Grace Iguis
3D Render Artist – Global
Walt Muro
Callie Anderson
Project Designer
Benjamin Barrett
International Supply & Logistics Lead
Criselda Romero
Digital Marketing Manager
Kingsley Woods
Production Manager
Brett Harris
General Manager
Lauren Marrs
Operations Admin
Catherine Liangco
Evan Maher
Marketing Director
James Truan
Executive Director – Americas
Mary Jane Basilisco
Customer Care Administrator
Lana Edwards
Executive Assistant
Katie Kenna
Marketing Coordinator
Sabrina Truan
Business Development Associate
Lyanna Samson
Business Development Support
Clara Green
Business Development Manager
Verne Markham
General Manager
Max Wills
Project Designer
Heather Jay
Executive Assistant – Global
Craig Aldous
Business Development
Keenan Druce
Graphic Designer
Jiwon Han
Product Design Manager
Kent Thomson
Print Production Specialist
Kuan Wen Chiu
Product Design Director
Autumn Murphy
Project Coordination Manager
Dennis Waskey
Design Support Specialist
Lucy Pittman
Marketing Manager
Liam O’Brien
Architectural Designer
Travis Truan
Team Leader – Machinery & Quality Control
Ben Grace
Chief Executive Officer
Ali Rezaie
Production Assistant
Sandra Miko
Executive Assistant
Caleb Mullins
Design Engineer
Carson Wallis
Operations Support
Brock Teiffel
Project Sales Coordinator
Bob Truan
Director of Product & Supply Chain
Andy Ursell
Procurement & Scheduling Manager
Sue Kuzee
Marketing Content Manager


Our global advisory board is comprised of leaders across a multitude of fields.

The members of the board have been selected from diverse backgrounds and bring their expertise across the following disciplines that include mechanical engineering (acoustics and vibration), design and wellbeing, workplace and human factors, and business strategy and marketing.

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