Acoustic Ceiling Baffles

When it comes to creating intentional spaces that are functional, purposeful, and conducive to productivity, acoustic ceiling baffles have the power to transform a room.

Acoustic Ceiling Baffles

Excessive noise in a space can subconsciously contribute to stress and poor wellbeing. With our innovative range of acoustic ceiling baffles, you can manage the acoustics of an interior to create a soundscape that fosters better health and communication.

Our acoustic ceiling baffles are meticulously designed, reducing unwanted reverberation and echoes, which are prevalent in spaces with high ceilings and hard surfaces. By mitigating the bounce of sound within a space, these baffles create a quieter, more harmonious environment, conducive to clearer conversation, enhanced focus, and better auditory experiences.

Decorative ceiling baffles that marry form and function 

Acoufelt’s ceiling baffles are designed with performance and quality in mind, creating a harmonious experience for the ears and eyes.


FilaSorb™ is our proprietary technical felt crafted from a minimum of 60% and up to 80% reclaimed PET material. As well as offering excellent sound absorption, FilaSorb™ brings sustainability, vivid color, and a quality finish that is easily installed in various environments. Available in multiple thicknesses and an array of solid colors, prints, cuts and shapes, FilaSorb™ acoustic products offer huge design potential for your next interior project.

QuietSpan Ceiling Baffles

QuietSpan Acoustic Ceiling Baffles

Custom acoustic ceiling baffle solutions

With years of industry experience and a unique approach that focuses on holistic problem solving and bespoke solutions, Acoufelt clients are at the centre of everything we do. We know no two projects are identical, and neither are their acoustic requirements. Our team has years of experience designing, manufacturing and delivering solutions for projects of all shapes and sizes.

If you’re ready to start designing more intentional soundscapes and require a custom solution, talk to us today. 


Acoustic ceiling baffles work by intercepting and absorbing sound waves that travel through the air, mitigating the amount of sound reflection within a space. They are typically suspended vertically from the ceiling and are constructed from our sound-absorptive material Filasorb™.

When sound waves encounter the baffles, the energy of the waves is absorbed within the material, reducing the amount of sound that is reflected back into the room. This process significantly decreases echo and reverberation, enhancing the overall acoustic quality of the space.

The strategic placement and density of the baffles are crucial factors in optimizing their effectiveness, allowing for tailored acoustic solutions for different environments such as offices, auditoriums, or industrial spaces.

Acoustic ceiling baffles are integral for managing the acoustics of a space, offering numerous benefits. They excel in absorbing sound waves, mitigating reverberation and echoes, which is crucial in high-ceiling and hard-surfaced areas where sound tends to bounce. This absorption creates a quieter, more comfortable environment, conducive to conversation, music, and lectures. Additionally, these baffles contribute to improved overall room acoustics and enhanced speech intelligibility, making them invaluable in various settings like auditoriums, offices, and restaurants.

On top of our acoustic ceiling baffles, Acoufelt carries several other acoustic collections. Our range includes acoustic wall planks, shapes and tiles, and acoustic ceiling panels, tiles and clouds. Still wondering what acoustic product may be right for your space? Visit our frequently asked questions for more information.

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