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FilaSorb™ felt is designed for acoustics, sustainability, human safety, depth of color and smooth surface printing. This is delivered through calibrated high-quality sourcing and manufacturing processes. FilaSorb™ is made from a substantially heterogeneous blend of fine fibers; different denier combined for specific acoustic results.


Acoufelt’s proprietary QuietPrint technology allows us to apply high-resolution images to our smooth, sound-absorbing FilaSorb felt without compromising its acoustic properties. 


WoodBeQuiet™ is a unique series of acoustic products available in Acoufelt’s wood prints, designed to appear like authentic wood grain. Incorporate the beautiful and natural look of real wood into an interior space for a comfortable acoustic environment for better productivity, concentration, and well-being.


Stand alone office pods for privacy and a quiet working environment.


Innovative installation systems for fitting ceiling products to varying applications.


Acoustics and lighting are integrated to reduce
ambient noise and create a comfortable and
effective soundscape environment.

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