Fracture Two Tone Panels adorn interiors at Fox Willams London office

Fox Williams Headquarters

Fox Williams law firm takes great pride in offering high quality commercial advice to businesses around the world. Headquartered in London, a growing workforce necessitated the refit of their office to better accommodate the expanding team.

Spearheading the fitout, Fox Williams enlisted the expertise of local design firm Sturge Interiors, whose primary focus became creating additional workspaces while safeguarding client privacy and employee productivity.

The re-imagined office layout features a dynamic open plan design, featuring two meeting rooms and six smaller collaboration hubs. These spaces cater to various work styles, allowing flexibility based on the tasks at hand. Sturge Interiors selected Acoufelt’s Fracture Two Tone acoustic panels as a way to add visual intrigue, texture and effective sound management within each of the six collaboration hubs.

Cutting through the 2mm ‘Almond’ skin to highlight the ‘Walnut’ accent color underneath, Acoufelt’s Exter-based manufacturing team meticulously cut the ‘Formula’ pattern into the double-layer panel with precise craftsmanship. Here, Fracture Two Tone panels add a tactile dimension to the collaboration hubs, creating an inviting yet private environment for confidential client calls and focused work.

By installing Acoufelt’s Fracture Two Tone panels with a 20mm air gap behind, Sturge Interiors achieved an impressive Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 0.64. Not only do the panels offer strong soundscaping benefits, they’re also made with sustainability in mind, comprised of 60% recycled PET content and produced using 40% renewable solar energy.

The thoughtful redesign of Fox Williams’ office has resulted in an environment that caters to the diverse needs of their expanding team, promoting both productivity and privacy. Executed with meticulous detail and finished to the highest standards, it reflects the firm’s unwavering commitment to excellence.


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