Fit-out of Acoufelt’s own American HQ a glimpse into the endless design possibilities on offer

Acoufelt North American Headquarters

When Acoufelt moved into its new corporate office and factory headquarters in Auburn Hills, Michigan, our team of in-house designers relished the challenge of fitting out the space with our very own acoustic products.

Custom Truss ceiling Baffles in our WoodBeQuiet™ ‘Wine Barrel’ print hang over booths in the cafeteria space, helping to curb the level of noise from conversations held over lunch and coffee. In the backdrop, ‘Sonar’ Screens in our light blue ‘Sea Salt’ help partition the cafeteria from the neighbouring product testing zone, while still facilitating the flow of natural light. Installed as a moveable wall, the Screens can easily be opened when additional space is required.

Across the hall, a cluster of Tetra ceiling Clouds in color ‘Umber’ are hung over a casual meeting space; their interlocking form offering sound-trapping pockets. A few metres over, Fracture Tiles in our ‘Barcode 1’ and ‘Barcode 2’ linear designs adorn the outer walls of the boardroom. Selected in our tranquil new ‘Celery’ colorway, the resulting full-scale pattern offers texture and depth.

Stepping inside the glass boardroom, a custom ‘Walnut’ colored ceiling Baffle system instantly draws the eye, serving the practical purpose of reducing reverberation and improving speech intelligibility during meetings.

In what many call the crown jewel of the office, a highly custom wall design comprised of vertical panel cuts of varying heights creates a raised 3D relief world map, pinpointing Acoufelt’s global offices and manufacturing facilities. Such works are a perfect example of the creative ways in which our team can design with FilaSorb™ felt.

From standard product applications to experimental hybrid solutions, the fit-out of the new Acoufelt Americas headquarters is but a glimpse into the endless design possibilities that Acoufelt has on offer.


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