Transcending the ordinary at Pin Yard amenity space with precision-cut Fracture Panels

Pin Yard Amenity Space

In the heart of Leeds, the UK’s largest residential landlord Grainger continues its legacy of building innovative residential properties with Pin Yard; a 12storey development housing 216 apartment homes. One of the features that sets Pin Yard apart is its 2000 square foot ground floor amenity space. The shared space includes an all-inclusive resident’s lounge, co-working space, gym, outdoor courtyard and events space – the sophisticated design of which takes its inspiration from the characteristics and history of the area, thanks to local award-winning interior design firm 74.

A longstanding design partner of Grainger, 74 returned to Acoufelt for its breadth of beautiful and functional acoustic products. Peach’ and ‘Pearl’ colored Fracture Panel dividers were selected for their thematic crosshatch designs, and incorporated into the reception and co-working areas to instil privacy and offer noise absorption benefits.

Across the way is the gym facility, the focal point being an eye-catching feature wall comprised of ‘Peacock’ colored Fracture Panels in the ‘Spirograph’ pattern. The striking design not only serves as a visual contrast to the neon signage, but also plays a pivotal role in fostering a comfortable acoustic environment for gym-goers, boasting a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 0.45.

As Grainger is committed to achieving net-zero carbon operations, the project demanded products to meet certain sustainability criteria. In addition to their acoustic value, Acoufelt’s Fracture Panels alike all Acoufelt FilaSorb products are made from 60% recycled PET, generated using 40% solar power, and manufactured to ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 manufacturing standards.

With sustainability, sophistication, and occupancy comfort at the forefront of the design brief, Acoufelt’s acoustic Fracture Panels yet again tick all the boxes to deliver an all-round effective solution. Acknowledged as a finalist in the Mixology North22: Living Interiors category, Pin Yard represents yet another successful partnership between Grainger, 74 and Acoufelt.


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