A mix of dedicated office space and flexible work areas presented different design challenges, each with unique acoustic and aesthetic needs.

Acoufelt US Experience Center

In preparation for hosting employees, partners and representatives at its upcoming National Sales Conference, the opportunity arose for Acoufelt to flex its design capability and create a visually impactful solution inside its US headquarters.

Ron Truan, Regional Sales Leader at Acoufelt, says “The showroom renovation was a great chance for us to showcase the functionality and design reach of our standard and custom solutions, as well as have a bit of fun with some of our new collections”.

The Acoufelt design team first recognised the office entryway as an opportunity to make a strong impression on visitors. In this case, the ceiling mechanicals would necessitate a custom approach. What ensued was an undulating ceiling system aimed at drawing the eye down to the Acoufelt logo – made entirely of Acoufelt’s FilaSorb™ acoustic material.

After the success of the entryway install, attention turned to the most active flexible work area, a favorite among remote employees and a natural meeting spot for staff. Truan envisioned utilizing another custom solution to tackle sound in a dual approach – both to absorb excess sound from surrounding workstations and kitchenette, as well as reduce the travel of sound from the work area outward. With help from Global Design Director, Kuan-Wen Chiu, Truan crafted a custom slat product that would physically and acoustically ‘cocoon’ the workers inside; visibly open but shielding occupants from unwanted noise. Printed in our WoodBeQuiet™ woodgrain also gave the product a woodlike aesthetic for a refreshing biophilic feel.

On top of these custom solutions, the design team also opted for a feature wall of custom printed panels for the stairwell area, as well as Fracture ‘Leadlight’ Tiles in color ‘Charcoal’ for the central boardroom.

“As someone who frequents the renovated workspace, I’ve experienced first-hand the difference between an area with proper sound management and one without. Not only did it affect my own productivity and concentration, but also the productivity of those working in adjacent areas,” said Chiu, “Of course the design impact was undeniable. It changed the perception of the whole space”.

From standard product applications to highly customized hybrid solutions, the redesign of the Acoufelt Americas headquarters is a perfect representation of how Acoufelt approach and resolve the unique needs of every client and project.


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