X Frame features Acoufelt’s Australian-made acoustic panels in retail store modular design for ANZ branch


X Frame develops building structures designed for end-of-life deconstruction, reconfiguration and reuse. Their unique X Frame modular construction frames are designed to enable buildings to change without creating waste, featuring inclusions such as reversible linings and resource-efficient materials.

In their most recent collaboration with the award-winning Breathe architecture, X Frame developed a custom fit-out solution for ANZ bank, Enfield; fulfilling its vision for a modular, reconfigurable and adaptable retail store offering to the highest standard of circular design. For its components, X Frame leant on Acoufelt to supply their Australian-made acoustic panels as insulation, made from a minimum of 80% recycled PET content.

Frames and componentry were all assembled offsite, comprised of a series of modular walls and roof frames for ANZ’s meeting, kitchen and customer facing spaces. Modular panels arrive preinstalled with Acoufelt’s V30 acoustic panels, cut to exacting specification for a seamless, no-mess install. The V30 panels were a natural selection for the project, being locally manufactured, comprised of minimum 80% recycled material, and achieving a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 0.85; the highest performing acoustic panel in the Acoufelt range. Upon arrival onsite, the modular walls and roof frames were then rapidly installed on site within a matter of days.

Carsten Dethlefsen, Managing Director at X Frame, tells Acoufelt that both he and ANZ were thrilled with the result. “A key focus for us has been the modularity and re-usability of (Acoufelt’s) acoustic panel insulation. The recycled content is hugely important to us and our clients. We calculated there is the equivalent of approximately 12,500 recycled 600ml PET bottles sitting in the wall frames for the Enfield store. ANZ were really impressed by this,” says Carsten.

The now complete circular store fit out solution for ANZ’s Enfield retail store will enable the branch to easily reconfigure as needs change over time, while taking advantage of carbon sequestering materials and local manufacturing.


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