AEW Architects embrace modern workplace design principles for new Manchester office

AEW Architects Manchester Office

AEW Architects embrace modern workplace design principles for new Manchester office, opting to integrate acoustic features that favour flexibility and collaboration, and align with their hybrid working strategy. Faced with a growing team and shifting priorities for a post-pandemic workspace, AEW Architects were given the opportunity to rethink their working model and office footprint; with a special focus on optimizing space and promoting employee wellbeing.  

“We wanted to provide the highest possible quality environment to encourage our team back to the office,” said Andrew Rainford, managing director of AEW. The design team asked themselves what their employees could get out of the office that they wouldn’t otherwise get from home, identifying socialising and collaboration as key drivers. An open-plan hot desking system and inclusion of informal workspaces would facilitate incidental interactions between staff, supplemented by areas for quiet, focused work where required. Visually, AEW also wanted to blur the lines between commercial and residential; opting for natural textures, neutral hues and biophilic touches.

With varied functionality and comfort at the forefront, acoustics became a key consideration. A combination of Fracture ‘Pennant’ panels and Full Color panels in Pearl and Ivory were installed on walls near the kitchen and breakout areas, absorbing excess sound carried from the open plan working space. The interplay of colors and layered bevelling of Fracture panels add an element of depth and visual intrigue to the walls. On top of their acoustic qualities, the AEW design team appreciated the broad palette of neutrals that Acoufelt were able to offer in the range, as well as the sustainability features of the products.

Acoufelt’s Full Color and Fracture acoustic panels are available in a wide range of colors, boast a minimum Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 0.45, and are all made from a minimum of 60% recycled PET content.


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