Making Quiet in commercial spaces.

We spend up to 93% of our day indoors. For a good portion of us, most of this time is spend in a work or office environment.

The quality of the acoustic environment within a working space can has the potential to greatly affect the occupants within.

Designers therefore need to ensure that each office space, lobby, reception area, and boardroom is acoustically comfortable for users, and conducive to productive work and employee wellbeing. 

Want to learn how to best optimize the acoustics of your commercial space? We’ve broken down the common acoustical problems found in reception areas, offices, meeting rooms and call centres, with solutions on how best to treat each space.

The Association of Australasian Acoustical Consultants provide a guideline for acoustics in commercial buildings, in which ‘internal room acoustics’ is one of the key considerations to be addressed in the design stage of a commercial space. This is echoed in the AS/NZS 2107:2016 Building Standards, which recommends sound levels and reverberation times within commercial interiors fall within specified limits to ensure “healthy, comfortable and productive environment for the occupants and end users.”  

Designers can now be awarded points for the use of acoustic products within a space under the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA). Up to 3 points are available for commercial spaces for keeping ambient noise levels down, keeping reverberation times within guidelines, and containing noise transmission in meeting rooms. 

We provide acoustic solutions across the commercial sector:

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