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A reception area is often the first environment a person experiences when entering a building. It is therefore important that a visitor’s first impression is one of feeling reassured and comfortable, whilst also appropriately reflecting the right message attuned to the business or brand.  


Whilst reception areas are commonly frequented by patiently waiting visitors and clients, employees and other building occupants may also use the space for holding casual meetings, taking phone calls, or to relax on break. A buzzing or energetic reception area may align with the identity of the business, however it’s important that these informal interactions can take place within the right acoustic environment. Whilst a small amount of background noise may be appropriate for the setting, reception staff will still need to converse with clients, employees will still want to comfortably take phone calls, and visitors will want to wait in a pleasant soundscape. This means ensuring sound reverberation times are kept low, and limiting sound transmission.  

Unfortunately, the common use of marble, wood, stone and cement hard finishes in reception and lobby areas contributes to the bouncing and movement of sound throughout the space. This causes echo and poor audibility, diminishing the quality of the soundscape. 

So, how do we achieve the same design impact without compromising on acoustics?  

How to treat a noisy reception area

Acoustic products and materials can be cleverly integrated into a space to absorb excess sound and reduce reverberation times, making for a more pleasant acoustic environment. Acoufelt offer a range of soundscaping products that can be cut, bevelled, moulded and shaped into textured, three-dimensional feature surfaces with a spectacular visual impression.

Our FilaSorb material can also be printed with high-resolution images and vector files, without compromising acoustic performance. Soft, noise absorbing materials can now be printed to appear as modern hard surfaces – such as wood, brick or concrete – without the associated reverberation issues, weight, and high cost of materials and installation. 

Acoufelt’s interior soundscaping products are designed to absorb sound and reduce noise levels in reception and lobby areas, to foster a pleasant and more productive soundscape. Not only do Acoufelt offer a full suite of floor, wall, furniture, and ceiling products, but we can also assist with acoustic consultations, delivery, installation, furniture removal, as well as a number of other services. We also offer custom designs across each of our collections.  

Acoustic QuietBack™ Carpet Tiles

he floor often represents the largest practical surface for acoustic treatment. Installing acoustic carpet tiles can be advantageous to absorb sounds of footfall, as well as other mid-frequency sounds. Tiles can be particularly effective in entrances or corridor areas with high foot traffic.  

The highest performing commercially graded acoustic carpet tiles in the Acoufelt floor offering feature QuietBack™. Our QuietBack™ carpet tiles offer a minimum NRC range of 0.35-0.40 and are offered across a range of designs, colorways and thicknesses. Our carpet tiles have also been designed to be comfortable underfoot, and have a backing made from minimum 80% recycled PET material. 

Acoustic Wall Products

Walls offer a variety of opportunities for acoustic treatment with Acoufelt’s broad range of products, available in a multitude of sizes, colors, prints, cuts, and designs.  

Depending on your acoustic and aesthetic needs, select from our full color panels, printed panels, wall shapes and tiles, as well as our custom printed full color wall panels. Sheets of full color panels are effective for sound generated by voice, and should be installed to sit at or above head height. For the best acoustic results, install panels on adjacent walls at least 2 metres high.  

Designers can also select from our printed collections, designed to mimic the look of fashionable textures including wood, marble and concrete. 

Acoustic Ceiling Products

Depending on the ceiling system available to you, Acoufelt offers a mix of practical, easy-install acoustic ceiling products, such as tiles, panels, clouds and baffles. For reception areas with a ceiling grid system, drop-in ceiling tiles are a simple but effective solution; available in both full color and printed options. For a more targeted approach, ceiling clouds and baffles can be hung directly over a key source of noise, such as a reception desk or seating area, offering a large surface area for acoustic absorption.  

View more of our reception and lobby projects:

Privacy, patient confidentiality and speech intelligibility were factored into the design for the reception area at Melbourne’s Speech Ease Speech Pathology, strengthening the need for an appropriate acoustic environment. The designers chose to hang circular ceiling clouds above the reception desk in a mix of bold colors, adding a youthful vibrancy to the space, as well as offering an NRC of 0.60.  

Acoufelt’s WoodBeQuiet™ acoustic ceiling planks in color ‘Wine Barrel’ became an integral feature in the office design for frog design office in Austin, Texas. The wood-printed planks add a rustic, warm contrast to the hard concrete finishes of the floor and walls, whilst also providing comprehensive acoustic absorption across the reception and interlinking communal areas. 

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