Peace, privacy and a pop of color achieved at speech pathology clinic

Speech Ease Speech Pathology

Speech Ease is comprised of a dedicated group of registered Speech Pathologists, delivering specialised assessment; teaching in speech, language, literacy, social skills; and listening practices for children and families.

With the success of their central North Melbourne location, Speech Ease sought to expand their operations and open a new office in Williams Landing, just southeast of the city.

Speech Ease hired specialist healthcare fit-out company ‘Clinics by Design’ for the design and construct of their new office space. Senior Project Manager, Kostas Stefanidis, and Project Design Coordinator, Kristy Bideleux, were tasked with overseeing this project from start to finish. The office would need to house a reception desk and waiting area, seven private patient meetings rooms, and areas for staff amenities.

Speech Ease Speech Pathology

The aesthetic brief for the interior was to deliver a contemporary but approachable design, given the space would be frequented by both professionals and children. Privacy, patient confidentiality and speech intelligibility would also need to be factored into the design, strengthening the need for an appropriate acoustic environment.

Kristy and Kostas chose Acoufelt’s 24mm ‘Circle’ acoustic ceiling Clouds, dotted around the reception and waiting area in a selection of solid colors: ‘Carrot’, ‘Wasabi’, ‘Butter’ and ‘Peacock’, ‘White’ and ‘Pistachio’. The bold mix of colors and round shapes add a youthful vibrancy to the space, as well as offering a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 0.60.

Speech Pathology Image
Speech Pathology Image

Kristy tells Acoufelt, “We chose the ceiling clouds for two main reasons. Firstly, acoustics are extremely important to us in any medical environment, especially when it comes to discussing personal details. The other reason was the aesthetic appeal. As a children’s clinic, we needed bright colors, and the wide spectrum of colors that Acoufelt had on offer helped us to deliver on our design vision”. Kristy also added that she was “extremely happy with the service received by Acoufelt during the entire process”, and that the “client absolutely loves the final result.”


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