Trend influence

Forced inside for long periods of time, we soon fall into the comfort and beguiling safety of working from home. The outside world and all its risks and uncertainties makes the inside world feel conversely calming and reassuring. In terms of visual drivers, there’s a strong neutral element here. The security of shutting the door and knowing you are safe, comfortable and quiet will continue to be desirable. Hence, a continued craving for ‘cocooning’ informs this aesthetic.

Naturally, we see this pastel, ethereal-style palette prominent in residential settings, alongside design trends including frosted finishes, opaque glassware, undulating patterns, and objects with an illusory quality. Furniture takes on a defined softness, eschewing sharp angles for a pleasing roundness. Alongside Walnut, this aesthetic movement unifies peaches, purple greys, clay and minty greens to create a soft, domestic palette.

Color description 

A dark, desaturated warm brown, Walnut is tonally close to a deep taupe, making it a grounding neutral.


This natural hue has a peaceful, refined quality, making it feel homely and welcome. With this comes a sense of feeling calm and cocooned. A peaceful, neutral palette that is consciously unchallenging yet quietly uplifting.


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