Trend influence

With the comfort of the indoors also comes routine and monotony. Unable to indulge in the usual pleasures of the outside world, we look internally for a distraction. Escapism takes the form of imagination and daydreaming. This drives a dreamlike aesthetic that evokes youthful, nostalgic and pastel tones. Palettes are smooth, solid and protective with an illusory quality. Shaded greens like ‘Sencha’ are used as nuanced neutrals, harmonizing with warm browns, cool greys and soft corals to create a quiet and ethereal palette. We see this design trend influencing fashion that favours comfort, such as loungewear, activewear and outdoor wear; reimagined in fresh, neutral palettes. Homewares and furniture also take on more illusory forms with soft curves and dreamy gradient finishes.

Color description 

A mid tone desaturated green with a yellow undertone, Sencha is fresh and neutral. Descriptively close to muted mint green, Sencha provides a gentle contrast when paired with beiges and greys.


The greying green makes for an effortlessly calming interior environment with its soft biophilic influence. Sencha feels makes us feel cleansed, focused and content.


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