Acoufelt acoustic ceiling panels meet high benchmark for SHAPE’s 6 Star Green Star Sydney head office

SHAPE Head Office

As a national fit-out and construction services company with over 32 years’ experience working with commercial clients, SHAPE is in the business of creating great places to work. Partnering with Siren Design Group, the brief for their new office at 155 Clarence Street Sydney was defined by this exact question; how to ensure SHAPE’s own head office had an industry-leading design and build quality to match their level of expertise.

Spearheading the latest in sustainable design practices was vital to reinforcing their position as an industry leader in the commercial fit-out space. Having worked with clients on a number of 6 Star Green Star building projects, SHAPE set out to achieve this for themselves. This meant incorporating principles and practices like reusing and recycling where possible, integrating indoor plants, and promoting natural light and the circulation of fresh air. A lot of thought also went into the selection of materials, with clever use of elements such as FSC certified oak in the ceilings, re-purposed furniture, and products with acoustic functionality.

Working closely with Stantec’s acoustic consultants, the SHAPE team knew exactly what they needed to target in the design to meet the 6 Star Green Star brief for acoustics, whilst also making it feel comfortable and welcoming. For their open-plan cafeteria space, SHAPE approached Acoufelt to develop a series of acoustic ceiling panels to sit behind Sculptform’s feature timber ceiling battens.

Selected in colour ‘White’, the acoustic panels would need to feature a number of randomly-spaced perforated circular holes, designed to capture and trap sound in the space behind the panels.

Working to a tight timeframe, Acoufelt were able to quickly turn around a series of panels and strips, cut to exacting dimensions to fit into their ceiling tracking system. Not only do the panels boast an acoustic NRC of 0.45, but the material is also comprised of a minimum 60% recycled PET content, further contributing to the fit-outs sustainability goals.

As a result of their careful consideration and thoughtful design, SHAPE’s Sydney head office was designed to Platinum WELLS standards and achieved the desired ‘6 Star’ Green Star rating. Not only does the office set a new benchmark for functional and sustainable design, but the finished fit-out evokes a warm, light-filled and homely feel; a welcoming environment for SHAPE’s employees and clients to enjoy.


Photography: The Pixel Creative


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