Seaside theme typified in curved ceiling baffles and custom slat panels for Palm Lake Resort Forster

Palm Lake Resort Forster

The new Palm Lake Resort in Forster, NSW features almost 300 Florida Keys-inspired homes, set amongst acres of lush greenery and five-star amenities. Perfectly nestled on the water’s edge, surrounded by lakes, ocean and pristine rainforest – Palm Lake Resort Forster entices residents with its tranquil coastal living and high-end recreational activities.

Working with interior design group Studio Collective, the brief for the project was to elude a soft, calming, seaside feel. The chosen theme of ‘Florida Keys’ was embraced with soft palm patterns, and pastel hues of blue and pink throughout the country club. Six-metre-high ceilings offered grand design potential, but simultaneously, raised concerns for echo and poor acoustics. This was especially so in noisy areas like the bowling alley, billiard room, and café.

Rachael Cassells, Procurement Manager at Studio Collective, said “with a striking tropical leaf mural running down the main wall of the bowling alley, we wanted to complement this design feature by creating a similar ripple effect on the ceiling. The rippled baffle also emulates the flowing water from the surrounding lakes. The finished product is so unique and completes the space perfectly”. The bespoke curved ceiling baffles were selected in color ‘Pearl’, and offer a strong NRC of 0.70.

For the resort’s central cafe and billiard room, custom slat acoustic panels were installed in both interiors as a feature wall. The vertical orientation of the slats adds three-dimensional intrigue and an organic, wood-inspired aesthetic with a retro feel. Unlike real wood panelling, Acoufelt’s acoustic panels are lightweight, sustainably sourced, and achieve an NRC of up to 0.85.

The finished design at Palm Lake Resort Forster is a statement of sophistication and style. Carefully considered interiors maximise light and space whilst minimising maintenance and fuss. “It’s so important for our designs that we can make practical and necessary elements a design feature! We are absolutely thrilled with what acoufelt was able to provide for this project” says Rachael.


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