SoftenUp™ provides sophisticated design and class A acoustics to Pisco y Nazca Restaurant

Pisco y Nazca Restaurant

Pisco y Nazca, a Peruvian ceviche gastrobar with established locations across the United States, set out to create a welcoming ambiance for their latest venture in Reston Virginia. Drawing inspiration from the restaurant’s namesake, meaning to revel in the company of friends and loved ones, design and architecture firm //3877 aimed to infuse the space with inviting hues, vibrant pops of color, and an arrangement of patterns that pay homage to the geoglyphs of the Nazca Lines. Their vision was to evoke the essence of traditional Peruvian culture while also crafting an inviting atmosphere for patrons to enjoy.

Recognizing the pivotal role of acoustics in shaping ambiance, //3877 selected Acoufelt’s award-winning modular ceiling system, SoftenUp™ in Ridge, prized for its Class A acoustic rating and sleek aesthetics. Printed in the WoodBeQuiet™ print ‘Wine Barrel’ with a ‘Piano Black’ colored backing, the finished install offers the aesthetic of real wood beams, infusing warmth and depth while absorbing excess noise to mould a comfortable soundscape.

The SoftenUp™ tiles frame the central ceiling mural, illuminated with LED lighting to create a striking focal point upon entering the restaurant. This distinctive feature not only adds visual interest but also serves to delineate the expansive space into distinct dining and bar areas, enhancing the wayfinding and functionality of the restaurant.

In addition to aesthetic and soundscaping benefits, SoftenUp™ is praised for its easy installation. Tiles are precision-cut to slot into a 600x600mm or 600x1200mm T-grid ceiling system, meaning they can be installed, moved, and reinstalled without specialised hardware.

Better yet, SoftenUp™ ceiling tiles are also crafted from 60% recycled PET, manufactured to ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 manufacturing standards, and fully recyclable at the end of their product lifespan.

Soft and elegant, SoftenUp™ epitomizes the seamless fusion of form, function, and environmental responsibility. Through the harmonious integration of Peruvian culture and functional design, Pisco y Nazca, in partnership with //3877 design and Acoufelt, has curated a sensory delight that patrons can relish for years to come.


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