Ceiling Clouds, Baffles and Fracture Panels blend into futuristic design for Northrop Grumman’s space-themed offices

Northrop Grumman Office

Northrop Grumman pride themselves on solving the toughest problems in space, aeronautics, defence and cyberspace, proudly boasting over 100,000 employees worldwide. For their new offices in Huntsville, Alabama, they contracted construction firm Robins & Morton to build two five-storey “built-to-suit” facilities, equipped with an engineering design space, integration laboratory, data center and a 350-person auditorium.

Each of the building’s five floors feature an ‘amenity loop’ surrounding the office’s central core; reserved for high-security suites. The outer loop, on the other hand, is designed for staff to gather and collaborate outside of these clearance areas, and is home to space-themed meeting rooms, food service areas and wellness lounges.

To balance the sleek, hard surfaces of polished concrete and expansive glass walls and windows, Acoufelt were tasked with transforming the auditory landscape within these outer collaborative spaces.

On the first floor, ‘Linear’ Baffles in color ‘Grey’ can be found hung over the food service and cafeteria spaces, seamlessly integrating with the futuristic design. Meanwhile, levels one through five boast strategically placed ‘Rectangle’ acoustic ceiling Clouds in ‘Charcoal,’ installed over high-traffic hallways and lounge areas.

Both ceiling products act to absorb excess noise and reduce reverberation, promoting a congenial soundscape for effective communication and collaboration.

The crown jewel of the facility, the 350-seat auditorium, features Acoufelt’s ‘Pulse’ Fracture Panels in the subtle ‘Grey’ color. The panels not only reduce echo and enhance speech intelligibility, but their bevelled-cut patterns also add visual intrigue, mirroring the symmetrical rows of seats of the auditorium.

By seamlessly integrating Acoufelt’s acoustic solutions, Northrop Grumman’s Huntsville office achieves a harmonious synthesis of cutting-edge design and functional acoustics. The result is a space that not only meets the demands of high-security areas but also nurtures a collaborative and innovative environment for Northrop Grumman’s high calibre workforce.


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