Functionality meets intelligent style: Creating harmony at ME+EM Head Office with acoustic Fracture Tiles

ME+EM Head Office

ME+EM is a luxury fashion label that focuses on “intelligent style,” offering a clothing line that is flattering and functional with a wear-forever appeal, where consumers don’t need to choose between quality and cost.


What sets ME+EM apart is not just its commitment to delivering high-quality garments but also its pioneering approach to business. Distinguishing itself as the first in the UK fashion industry to manage all aspects of its operations in-house, ME+EM is spearheading a new era in women’s wear. With no middlemen or unnecessary costs, ME+EM provides its customers with high-quality garments without the inflated price tag, believing that “luxury is in the quality, not the price.”

Launching in 2009, ME+EM has gone from strength to strength, with the demands of the business pushing them to expand their current workspace. In collaboration with commercial interior designers Thirdway, the result was a meticulously designed 14,000 sq ft head office in White City, London. The workspace would encompass both offices and collaboration hubs, as well as specialised areas including a photography studio, fitting rooms, product review room, and a concept store space.

Tasked with seamlessly integrating the look and feel of their brand into the fit-out, Thirdway collaborated with Acoufelt to find a product that would visually and acoustically complement the office’s key meeting rooms.

The choice of Acoufelt’s ‘Pearl’ colored Fracture Tiles in the ‘Barcode’ design adds both texture and depth, contributing not just to visual appeal but also serving a critical functional role. The vertical precision-cut grooves of the ‘Barcode’ design instil a subtle, textural dimension to the meeting rooms, resulting in a sophisticated yet timeless aesthetic. These tiles, with a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) rating of 0.45, effectively minimise noise, creating an environment conducive to focused work and meaningful collaboration. The strategic use of Acoufelt Fracture Tiles aligns with ME+EM’s commitment to intelligent style, where the blend of style and functionality is paramount.

The completed project is a testament to innovative design thinking and a dedication to creating spaces that embody ME+EM’s core design principles of aesthetics, functionality, and timeless style.


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