Custom acoustic dragon scales transform dining experience at Southeast Asian-inspired 'Junk' Restaurant

Junk Restaurant

Junk Restaurant first opened in Maroochydore, Queensland in 2014 and quickly built a reputation for providing customers with fresh and affordable Asian-fusion dining in a fast-paced, contemporary atmosphere. Following this success, owners Julie Spaccatore and Scott Hoskins decided to open a second venue on the Sunshine Coast in the heart of Sippy Downs.



Zest Building Design (‘Zest’), who specialise in restaurant, café, bar, and retail interiors, were contracted for the new 250m2 fit out. Paying tribute to the modern Asian flavours on the menu, the visual design would need to incorporate colours, lighting, textures and motifs associated with Southeast Asia. The restaurant would also need to accommodate up to 150 guests across a variety of table and seating options, all the while maintaining a unique feel and spaciousness. 

Recognizing the pivotal role of acoustics in delivering an unforgettable dining experience, Zest sought an innovative solution that harmoniously merged function and aesthetics. Enter Acoufelt’s team of visionary designers and acoustic experts. 

Inspired by the rich cultural tapestry of Southeast Asia, Architect and Interior Designer at Zest, Francisco Letelier, approached Acoufelt to request a custom acoustic solution with a three-dimensional ‘dragon scale’ appearance. The series of scales would need to line the upper walls and perimeter of the restaurant’s ceiling, and offer a textured, tessellating aesthetic. 

Working closely with Francisco over a series of months, Acoufelt were able to develop a highly customised series of panels, printed, cut, and shaped to appear like overlapping dragon scales. 12mm FilaSorb™ panels in color ‘Platinum’ were first printed with the desired scale shape and pattern, and then bevel-cut between each to give the scales a three-dimensional quality. Panels were then installed side by side, with each edge slightly overlapping, to achieve an authentic, layered look.  

Comprised entirely of Acoufelt’s acoustic material, the finished scale panels achieve a minimum Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 0.45, acting to both absorb excess sound in the space as well as reduce echo and reverberation. The marriage between carefully curated lighting, transportive interior design, a delectable menu and optimised acoustics will set an incredible atmosphere for restaurant-goers.  

Junk Restaurant Sippy Downs opened its doors in June 2023. Owners have stated they plan to refurbish the original Junk Restaurant Maroochydore restaurant to align with the stand-out new ‘look and feel’ created by Zest in Sippy Downs.  


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