Acoustic ceiling clouds and baffles for Cancer Council SA’s new building

Cancer Council SA Building

February 2023 marked the official opening date of South Australia’s new integrated cancer building at 202 Greenhill Road, Adelaide. The new building offers a home-away-from-home for regional cancer patients and their carers while they access treatments and cancer related appointments in the Adelaide area. The building offers 120 rooms of accommodation alongside a range of on-site support services, including social workers, transport to treatment, kitchen and dining areas, and a range of inviting and welcoming communal spaces.

The design for the Greenhill Road Lodge was centred around creating a wonderful community spirit, where patients and visitors could connect with each other, as well as other families sharing similar experiences to their own. Communal facilities would provide guests with the ability to cater for themselves, if they choose, and instil a sense of normalcy as much as possible.

Enhancing the comfort of residents and visitors was an essential consideration, part of which included managing sound levels and safeguarding the privacy of conversations. Acoufelt’s ‘Circle’ acoustic ceiling clouds were installed in the communal dining area; a space for guests and their families to connect with others in a safe and relaxed environment. Installed above tables and seating areas, the clouds act to absorb excess noise and reduce reverberation in the space, promoting a pleasant soundscape for occupants.

Similar clusters of acoustic clouds were hung in the office space for Cancer Council SA staff, above private meeting booths. The circle clouds were selected in ‘Butter’, ‘Slate’ and ‘Metal’ to match Cancer Council’s familiar brand colours. Rows of ‘Linear’ acoustic baffles were also installed in the staff kitchen and eating space, selected in colour ‘White’ to subtly integrate with the ceiling. Acoufelt’s acoustic clouds and baffles achieve a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 0.45 up to 0.85, depending on size, thickness and spacing.

Both ceiling products are a great option for areas requiring targeted acoustic treatment arising from noise produced near the centre of a room, and/or where floor and wall surfaces are unavailable. They are also an excellent way to improve the aesthetic experience of a space through adding colour, natural texture, and visual depth.

Cancer Council SA’s building is only possible because of the generous support of the South Australian community. Acoufelt are delighted to have been selected to supply the interior acoustic products for this ‘once in a generation’ project.


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