Igniting creativity with Acoufelt’s bold patterns and striking colors in Area’s London Office

Area London Office

Situated in the vibrant heart of London Bridge and mere steps from the historic Borough Market, the award-winning design and architecture firm Area has found a new home in the beautifully redeveloped Grade II listed ‘Bridge House.’

The design brief for the new relocated office emphasized clean lines, neutral tones, and strategic pops of color to stimulate creativity and enhance the office ambiance. The primary goal was to craft an environment that promotes collaboration while providing quiet areas for focused work.

With this in mind, Area collaborated with Acoufelt’s London-based team to develop a series of effective acoustic solutions that would create the right auditory environment for both focus rooms and larger meeting spaces.

Selected for their striking visual effect and impressive 0.85 NRC rating, Ovale 3D wall tiles in the neutral ‘Almond’ color were installed in a meeting room at the heart of the office space. Paired with biophilic tones of deep brown, olive green, and a vivid floral wallpaper, this room brings the outdoors inside, creating a tranquil design and soundscape.

In the smaller focus booths, Area opted for Acoufelt’s ‘Track’ Fracture Wall panels in the distinctive ‘Peppercorn’ and ‘Denim’ colorways. Within each booth, each color has been extended to the carpet and ceiling, creating a cocoon-like environment for the user. Warm lighting accentuates the panels’ distinctive bevelled grooves, casting subtle shadows that enhance the room’s playful and dynamic design. In the larger meeting rooms, Full Color ‘Almond’ wall panels have been installed behind a sheer voile. Offering an NRC of 0.45, these panels act to absorb sound and reduce reverberation, achieving optimal acoustic conditions for meetings and presentations.

Encasing the final focus booth towards the back of the office space, Area opted for Pixel panels with ‘Circle’ indentations in color combination ‘Sea Salt’ and ‘Denim’. This design choice extends the playful theme throughout the office.

Each of these products are made from Acoufelt’s signature FilaSorb™ acoustic felt, composed of over 60% recycled PET material and produced using 40% renewable solar energy, supporting Area’s eco-conscious mission.

The deliberate design choices and strategic use of materials have made the Area London Head Office a prime example of modern workspace design, where aesthetics and functionality go hand in hand to create a productive and inspiring environment.


Photography: Office Curator


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