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The problem with noisy sport centres

Walking into most sports centres, you’ll straight away notice the sound reverberation within the space, heard as an echo. In some centres, where the acoustics is really poor, the echo can last as long as 30 seconds! The running, bouncing and yelling of a sporting match competes with the umpire’s whistle and the scratchy sounds of a commentator over the PA system. Players and spectators strain their voices to be heard, and often leave feeling physically and mentally fatigued from just being present in the loud environment.  

The excessive echo of a sport centre is commonly caused by the multitude of hard surfaces that make up the interior structure. Generally, the construction is made from high-density blockwork, timber or concrete flooring, and metal ceilings. Hard surfaces are sound reflective, causing the mix of high and low frequency sounds to bounce around the room, turning into a cacophony of noise that can be highly unpleasant to the human ear. With many sports centres used secondarily as assembly halls and theatres, a poor soundscape can also make for poor speech auditability and comprehension.  

By using cleverly placed acoustic materials, a sports centre can be optimized to create a more comfortable and enjoyable soundscape for all users. It can also improve the functionality and flexibility of a space when used for mixed purposes.  

By using cleverly placed acoustic materials, a sports centre can be optimized to create a more comfortable and enjoyable soundscape for all users.

How to treat a noisy sport centre

Acoufelt offers a range of soundscaping products for sports centre environments, designed to absorb sound and reduce reverberation.

Our entire product range can be installed in sports centres and other recreational spaces to foster pleasant soundscapes that are pleasing to both the ears and eyes. Acoufelt also offer delivery and install, assistance with acoustic consultations, as well as a number of other on-site services. Custom designs are also available across each of our collections.

Acoustic Ceiling Products

Acoustic ceiling panels are a great tool for reducing sound reverberation in a whole room or in targeted areas within a large space, offering an NRC value of up to 0.80. Place them over high-activity areas, such as pools or courts, as well as high-density seating areas. Panels are available in a number of solid colors, with custom cutting, edging and sizing also available upon request. 

Acoustic Wall Products

Walls offer an immense variety of opportunities for acoustic treatment with Acoufelt’s broad range of products, available in a multitude of sizes, colors, prints, cuts, and designs. Depending on your acoustic and aesthetic needs, select from our full color panels, printed panels, wall shapes and tiles. Where physical impact may affect panels, opt to install above head height.  

View more of our sport centre projects:

Sports centres have notoriously poor acoustics due to the nature of their hard floors, high ceilings, and limited soft surfaces in between. Combine this with the noises of yelling children, thumping footfall and an umpire’s incessant whistle, and you can quickly see how noise becomes an issue. For the gymnasium at Oatlands Primary School in Victoria, the ceiling naturally offered the best surface for acoustic treatment. The designers opted for Acoufelt’s highest performing ceiling panel, which was tastefully integrated into the ceiling system.  

Thailand’s Kamthon Sindhvanand Sports Centre knew they needed to incorporate acoustic materials to preserve the acoustic environment of the space. The designers opted for floor-to-ceiling square and rectangular acoustic wall shapes in Black, Grey and White for the back wall of the gymnasium. The shapes add geometric impact, whilst also acting to absorb sound and reduce reverberation times.  

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