Wheat is a clean pastel yellow
with beige overtones, offering
an approachable softness.

Technically, Wheat is a combination of white, yellow, beige, and grey threads. It complements our pastel brown ‘Umber’ and pairs well with the ashy-mauve of new ‘Amethyst’.​

Through the color Wheat, we are reminded of our reliance on local agricultural communities and the importance of the harvest in sustaining life.

This inherent connection with the land shapes our cultural identity, which we’ll see play out in wood-carved furniture and homewares, as well as woven textiles favored in fabrics and fashion.​

The threads that make up Wheat offer a harmonious juxtaposition of colors – from the brightness of yellow and freshness of white, to the warmth of beige and versatility of grey.

The vividity of the Summer palette invites us to shift outdoors and bask in the warmth of the sun. It spurs social interaction and calls us to rekindle our connection with nature. Summer energizes us to seek and share joy, reveling in the abundance that this season brings. ​

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