Sea Salt

Trend influence

After long periods of shutdown, we see ourselves yearning for something unapologetically pretty, romantic and fairy tale-esque; a blend of idyll naturalism with a heavy dose of fantasy. Think romanticized views of the countryside with quaint cottages, summer picnics and blue skies. This represents an escapism from the dark and compact world of highly urban communities, the occupants of which this trend highly resonates with. Bucolic prettiness and the simple, pastoral lifestyle that follows feels calming and reassuring. Designers from across the board have been tapping into this trend. In fashion, we’re seeing this in the form of collections awash with ruffles, bow-tied bodices and pretty, micro-print floral textiles, as well as a focus on domestic handicrafts in the homewares category. Driving a colour palette of optimistic fantasy; the fuchsias and honeycombs of one half distracts while the blues and greens reassure.

Colour description

Sea salt is a clean pastel blue with a red and white undertone, reminiscent of a clear sky or calm waters.

Emotion/Feeling Blue calls to mind feelings of calmness or serenity. It is often described as peaceful, tranquil, secure and orderly. It’s also often seen as a sign of stability and reliability.


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