WoodBeQuiet™ ceiling planks and Clouds meet high benchmark for acoustics and sustainability required for Scotch College’s new Wellbeing & Sports Centre.

Scotch College Wellbeing & Sports Centre

Australian architecture firm Hames Sharley were commissioned for the Scotch College project in Adelaide in 2017, led by Associate Director Yaara Plaves. Hames Sharley, in conjunction with Scotch College, developed a very strong vision for the Centre – aspiring to ‘replace the old with the bold’. New facilities would include modern flexible classrooms and collaboration zones, a café, swimming pool, and multi-purpose courts. Furthermore, the Centre would be designed following regenerative design principles in the pursuit of achieving a global CORE Living Building Challenge (LBC) rating, which would be a first of its kind in Australia.

The challenge for Hames Sharley was to ensure design plans would not only meet the brief for aesthetics and functionality, but also incorporate low-impact materials, preferably those with an LBC Declare product label. In this case, Hames Sharley were looking for an acoustic ceiling solution for the Centre’s corridor to match the adjacent timber walls and floorboards. That’s when the design team came across Acoufelt’s unique Declare-certified WoodBeQuiet™ plank product.

WoodBeQuiet™ planks are made from acoustic felt material, printed to appear like real wood planks. However, unlike real wood, these planks are lightweight, easy to install with a ‘Peel and Stick’ backing, and achieve a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 0.45. Better yet, the planks are made from 60% recycled PET material and achieve ‘Red List Free’ declaration under the LBC’s Declare program.

Acoufelt’s design team were able to work closely with Hames Sharley to customise both the size and print of the planks, indistinguishable from the neighbouring wall and flooring products. The finished look is one whereby the wooden floorboards appear to seamlessly encroach onto the walls and ceiling, surrounding anyone who enters the passageway. Not only this, but the acoustic ceiling offers the hidden but compelling benefit of a quiet, echo-free corridor.

For the flexible learning spaces downstairs, Acoufelt supplied a number of ‘Peach’ colored Rectangle ceiling Clouds, visually extending the blush palette. Achieving a minimum NRC of 0.60, the Clouds offer targeted sound absorption whilst also hiding components of the exposed ceiling above. Acoufelt Clouds are also made from 60% recycled material, produced using 40% renewable solar energy, and fully recyclable at their end-of-life.

This project is a testament to the power of thoughtful acoustic design in creating beautiful, low-impact and functional spaces. Acoufelt’s portfolio of customizable products is an excellent choice for designers looking to incorporate sustainable and high-performing acoustic solutions in their projects.


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