Quadra Pacific makes quiet with minimalist design

Quadra Pacific

Quadra Pacific Management own and manage boutique office leasing buildings in Brisbane and other locations in South East Queensland. The company offers a suite of workplace solutions to meet the unique requirements of their tenants in the Central Business Districts of Brisbane and Toowoomba.

A modern refit of a Quadra Pacific Management office tower by the team at Archway Commercial Interiors presented designer Megan Lipsys with a significant problem. The aesthetic designs desired by tenants included using glass and hard surfaces to create a modern and light-filled atmosphere. The problem here was that these same materials would deliver poor workspace acoustics through surface reverberation. Megan was faced with a trade-off. Should she compromise on her modern aesthetic design to resolve the acoustic design limitations?

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“Poor acoustics posed a serious limitation for designing the meeting room”, said Megan Lipsys. “The meeting room was designed as a small space with hard floors, hard walls and a hard ceiling. This was going to cause significant sound reflection. I wanted to design the meeting room to demonstrate how I could solve the acoustic problem without losing aesthetic design integrity – and without blowing the project budget”. Megan Lipsys turned to Acoufelt.

The meeting room presented a large hard wall that could be used as a surface for sound absorption. “I needed an acoustic treatment that actually looked good”, said Megan. “It needed to be minimalistic but also trendy, in metallic grey tones to match the modern feel of the refit.” High on acoustic performance, Acoufelt’s Grey Fracture panel with its Chevron pattern fit the brief with a sophisticated feel and appearance.

Quadra Pacific Image
Quadra Pacific Image

The Fracture range is driven by market need for an acoustic panel design that is as sophisticated as it is timeless. Acoufelt Fracture panels achieve a minimum acoustic NRC rating of 0.45.

With Quadra Pacific Management so focused on delivering workplace solutions to meet tenant requirements, compromise is never an option. Using Acoufelt’s Fracture acoustic Panels, Archway Commercial Interiors were able to design for both the ears and the eyes.

Featured is the Fracture Chevron Panel in color Grey


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