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in. Studio + Café

In the heart of South Australia’s capital city Adelaide lies the celebrated ‘East End’, filled with cafes, restaurants, bars and boutique premium shopping. Beautiful historic listed buildings have been refurbished and refitted to now house wine bars, upmarket restaurants, galleries and eclectic boutiques. Despite being a creative hub, the area concocts a sense of peacefulness. Just a 10 minute walk from the city’s commercial district, city-goers often opt to head East way to get away from their fast-paced lifestyles, immersing themselves in the calm and cultural atmosphere.

Nestled here is Elena Vereker and Lee Cumberlidge’s ‘in. Studio + Café’, a transformed multi-purpose café and co-working space designed for creative individuals to eat, drink and work with like-minded people. Vereker and Cumberlidge’s vision for this space is underpinned by a shared understanding of the power of working collaboratively through creating environments that are productive, creative and inspiring.

While the café and function room sit on the ground floor, the top floor houses the in.Studio boutique co-working space, offering flexible desks, private offices and meeting rooms. Great care has been taken in the design process to ensure all aspects of the space are visually appealing and comfortable for users. Natural timber and glass windows and sliding doors are used to retain the natural light throughout the space. However, these beautiful hard surfaces combined with an open-plan layout necessitated acoustical consideration.

In Studio Image

To complement the natural colour tones and furnishings of the interior design, Acoufelt solid acoustic panels in ‘Pearl’, ‘Wasabi’, ‘White’ and ‘Piano Black’ were selected. In.Studio’s design team opted to creatively integrate these panels into the space – “the neutrality of some of the panels allowed us to layer our own design aesthetic to work for us” says co-founder Elena.

Neutral White panels fixed to the walls blend in seamlessly, whilst Wasabi and Piano black panels used as desk dividers provide a pop of colour and vibrancy to the office space. Behind the reception desk two Pearl panels have been used as a canvas for artwork by a local artist, and in the upstairs meeting room, QuietBack™ MultiStorey carpet tiles in Level One soften the wooden feature wall. The combination of Acoufelt acoustic products provides for a unique visual environment, simultaneously acting as an acoustic treatment for the sounds of productive people and their day-to-day activities.

In Studio Image
In Studio Image

Elena kindly writes to us saying “As a boutique co-working space, design and productive working environment is crucial. The acoufelt panels and carpet tiles have contributed to us being able to make our space a great place to work.”

In.Studio + café is the perfect exemplar for how acoustics can be cleverly integrated into aesthetic design. Understanding the needs of the individuals within her beautiful space, Elena has opted to use Acoufelt’s flexible acoustic solutions that allow her to design for both the ears and the eyes. We congratulate Elena on the lovely, calm oasis she has created.

To learn more about In Studio + Cafe, follow this link.


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