Biophilic theme informs bespoke leaf-like acoustic ceiling clouds for Garden Family Medical Clinic

Garden Family Medical Centre

Garden Family Medical Clinic (‘The Garden’) is a brand-new state of the art facility located in Murdoch, Western Australia. The Garden prides itself on being ‘not just a GP clinic (but) a sanctuary for healthcare and improving lives’. Acoufelt had the privilege of supplying a custom acoustic ceiling cloud system for the waiting room; a nod to biophilic design and the clinic’s leaflike logo.

Senior Designer Grant Macklin from healthcare design and construction specialist Perfect Practice was engaged in early 2021 to work on the design for the new centre. As part of the brief, ‘green is our theme’ was the suggestion given by The Garden, with the namesake of the centre being an outdoor garden courtyard. The clinic encourages patients and visitors to use the courtyard while waiting for services, believing that ‘nature and fresh air are good for the soul’. This informed the stylistic direction, rooted in principles of biophilic design and its therapeutic properties.

With this vision in mind, shapes and materials reminiscent of those forged by nature were incorporated into the designs. The leaf motif is featured throughout the centre, from inlays in the reception counter, to wayfinding graphics and colourful leaf-shaped flooring in the waiting area.

The need for acoustic treatment in the waiting area was identified early in the design process when considering client privacy and the comfort of visitors. After speaking with Acoufelt about the variety of ceiling collections available, the perfect opportunity to continue the biophilic theme into the ceiling feature was realised. A leaf-like structure was to be the focal point of the waiting area, with the overall shape of the product, colour, and construction to mimic the form and vein structure of a leaf. Better yet, the cloud system would achieve an NRC of 0.75 to safeguard the quiet of the waiting room.

The final bespoke product is comprised of a cluster of suspended clouds made from intersecting beams of acoustic material in colours ‘Popcorn’, ‘Butter’ and ‘Wasabi’. Acoustic wall panels in matching colours were also integrated into the consulting rooms, a welcoming contrast to the neutral backdrop, and complementary to The Garden’s brand colours.

The work of Perfect Practice and Acoufelt showcases how thoughtful acoustic design can add immense value to a space, contributing both thematic character and sound scaping function.


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