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The problem with
noisy classrooms

It doesn’t take much for a classroom to get noisy. Combine the voices of teachers and students with the noise of traffic from a nearby road, with children playing on a neighboring basketball court, or perhaps an air ventilation system with noisy fans, and this can quickly turn into a cacophony of noise.

Unfortunately, children and teenagers are some of the worst affected when it comes to poor acoustics. Given that their listening and language skills are not yet fully developed, they can find learning and retaining information more difficult than others with so many distractions around them.

Research has shown that poor sound quality in the classroom impacts all students’ performance, especially those with hearing difficulties.  While teachers may try to overcome the problem by straining their voices and talking louder, this only further contributes to the problem, and can negatively affect their own mental health and wellbeing.

The end result is a classroom with stressed teachers and disruptive students who can’t hear or grasp the lesson being taught.

An optimised soundscape allows students and teachers to get the most out of their time in the classroom.

How to treat a noisy classroom

Having the right soundscape is vitally important for successful educational outcomes, especially in the formative years of primary schooling.

Acoufelt’s interior soundscaping products are designed to absorb sound, and can be installed across classrooms and other learning spaces to reduce the noise levels and foster pleasant and more productive acoustic environments. Not only do Acoufelt offer a full suite of floor, wall, furniture and ceiling products, but we can also assist with acoustic consultations, delivery, installation, furniture removal, as well as a number of other services. We also offer custom designs across each of our collections.

Acoustic QuietBack™ Carpet Tiles

The floor often represents the largest practical surface for acoustic treatment. Installing acoustic carpet tiles can be advantageous in multi-level spaces to absorb sounds of footfall, as well as other mid-frequency sounds.

The highest performing commercially graded acoustic carpet tiles in the Acoufelt floor offering feature QuietBack™. Our QuietBack™ carpet tiles offer a minimum NRC range of 0.35-0.40 and are offered across a range of designs, colorways and thicknesses. Our carpet tiles have also been designed to be comfortable underfoot, and have a backing made from minimum 80% backing recycled PET material.

Acoustic Wall Products

Walls offer an immense variety of opportunities for acoustic treatment with Acoufelt’s broad range of products, available in a multitude of sizes, colors, prints, cuts, and designs. 

Depending on your acoustic and aesthetic needs, select from our full color panels, printed panels, wall shapes and tiles, as well as our ‘Opus’ acoustic pinboards. Sheets of full color panels or Opus acoustic pinboards are effective for sound generated by voice, and should be installed to sit at or above head height. For the best acoustic results, install panels on adjacent walls. For spaces requiring a more flexible solution, opt for shapes or tiles, which can be quickly and easily installed around any glass or other wall fixtures.

Acoustic Ceiling Products

Depending on the ceiling system available to you, Acoufelt offers a mix of practical, easy-install acoustic ceiling products. 

For rooms with a ceiling grid system, drop-in ceiling tiles are a simple but effective solution; available in both full color and printed options. For rooms requiring a targeted approach – such as a noisy printer or communal lunch table – ceiling clouds can be hung above, offering a large surface area for acoustic absorption. High performing acoustic ceiling panels can also be stuck directly to the ceiling without sagging or drooping, offering an excellent NRC value of up to 0.85.

Take a in-depth classroom tour

See how Fern Bay Public School used our colorful wall panels and ceiling tiles to improve their soundscape. Featured here in colors ‘Carrot’, ‘Oregano’ and ‘Denim’.

View more of our classroom projects

Acoufelt was given the opportunity to donate acoustic panels toward South Australia’s Women’s and Children’s Hospital Hospital School revamp project. The revamp included redesigning a number of junior and senior classrooms, the kitchen, a communal play area, private teaching rooms, and admin offices. 

Upgrading and updating facilities offers a school the opportunity to refresh their learning and teaching areas, making them more aligned with modern-day effective learning principles. In the case of Westmount School, an acoustic floor solution was required. Acoufelt’s Flinders QuietBack™ carpet tiles offered a significant opportunity to help reduce noise.

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