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The beguiling safety of the home has supported a seismic shift toward remote working. A costly and time-consuming commute paired with the stress and madness of the outer world can make staying at home a hard habit to break.

At the cross section between the traditional comfort of the home and the new functions it now requires to support productivity, this story charts the exponential growth of the home office. Visually, there’s a strong neutral element to ‘Almond’, recognising that the abundance of colors and textures of the outside world may seem dissonant and exhausting. Instead, we look to surround ourselves with things that are comforting to the touch and soothing to the eye.

Fashion sees a shift from outer to inner worlds, favouring athleisure and sleepwear over traditional corporate clothing. Not only this, but we will begin seeking comfort in technology, demanding electronics and appliances that blend into the décor of our homes and provide ambience and tactility. This will take form in smooth, illusory materials like resin and glass, with opaque, opalescent finishes. Naturally, this is a great residential palette and will be applicable across small accessories, homewares, bed linen, and skincare packaging.

Color description 

‘Almond’ is a warm, off-white, erring on a dusty, purpling-grey. Sitting between our ‘White’ and ‘Ivory’, these neutrals are clear and uplifting, reminiscent of early morning sunlight. Almond pairs well with our clay-colored ‘Peach’ and cleansing ‘Sencha’ for a homely, light-filled palette.


The quiet and supportive qualities of the home are reflected in ‘Almond’, making it a peaceful, natural hue. This color evokes a homely, welcoming environment to create a calming mood.


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