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The Acoustic Thought Leadership Council (ATLC) comprises individuals chosen from various backgrounds, offering expertise across acoustic materials, noise control engineering, workplace strategy, interior design strategy, marketing and branding.

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Acoustics and the future built environment.

We sat down with Acoufelt’s ATLC to ask them a series of questions around how we can future-proof the built environment through acoustic design. 

Considerations for a
positive interactive space
Acoustics and the
built environment
Planning spaces for
ideal soundscaping
What does good
soundscaping feel like?
Predicting future trends
and their impact

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Michael Neale

After almost 30 years in strategic marketing, Michael Neale commenced his consultancy career in 2014, drawing on his diverse experience in Australia and the UK. His consultancy firm quickly developing a reputation around helping companies deliver customer value, particularly working with complex multi-stakeholder organisations.

Michael has maintained an active interest in academic research and is currently a Visiting Fellow at the University of Adelaide Business School. Michael is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, Fellow of the Australian Marketing Institute (and CPM), Trustee of the History Trust of South Australia, and Chair of the Bay to Birdwood.

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Kati Barklund

Kati Barklund is Senior Workplace Strategy Manager at the Swedish workplace and property advisory company Tenant & Partner, helping clients realize their employees’ and organization’s potential through Performing Workplaces.

For over twenty years Kati has been working on the forefront of both physical and digital workplace areas. Before Tenant & Partner, she worked at Microsoft, Coor, Skanska and Pharmacia. Kati is also Chairman of IFMA Sweden Chapter and part of the Global Leadership team of WE.

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Olga Umnova

Dr Umnova holds a Masters Degree of Science in Physics from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology as well as a PhD in Acoustics from the Russian Academy of Sciences. She was appointed to a Post-Doctoral position at the University of Hull, UK and then to a position as Lecturer in Theoretical Acoustics at the University of Salford before being appointed Reader by University of Salford in 2012.

She published 52 papers in peer reviewed international journals, most of them on modelling of acoustic materials and other noise reducing structures (Google H-index 24). She led several projects funded by research councils and industry.

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Jennifer Kolstad

Jennifer Kolstad is a visionary and award-winning designer with over 20 years of experience in creating human centered and sustainable solutions for various typologies and scales.

She is the Global Design & Brand Director at Ford Motor Company, where she leads the design strategy for the future of retail, workplace, manufacturing, and mobility for the iconic brand. She is recognized as the 2023 ASID Luminary of Distinction for her contributions to the advancement of the profession.

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Amanda Schneider

Amanda Schneider, LEED AP, MBA is an accomplished entrepreneur and founder of ThinkLab, a research and strategy firm for the interiors industry that was acquired by SANDOW Design Group in 2018. With a passion for design, research, sales, and strategic launch practices, Amanda brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her work.

She is a respected thought leader in the industry and has been featured in prestigious publications, including the Huffington Post, Interior Design Magazine, and many others. As a sought-after keynote speaker and host of the popular podcast, Design Nerds Anonymous, Amanda regularly shares her insights and expertise with audiences around the world.

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Randy Weldeck

Randy D. Waldeck, PE, LEED AP, Principal at Resonance Acoustics, is an expert in architectural, environmental, aviation, and mechanical equipment noise and vibration control. His wide breadth of experience includes consulting on over 800 architectural, transit, and environmental projects.

With over 22 of years acoustical consulting experience, Randy has provided acoustical expertise for municipal projects, medical facilities, industrial use facilities, federal buildings, educational facilities, offices, condominiums, single-family homes, mixed-use developments, hotels, resorts, and restaurants. A licensed mechanical engineer, Randy provides custom, cost-conscious acoustical design and noise control solutions. Randy is a member of the Institute of Noise Control Engineering, Urban Land Institute, and Acoustical Society of America.

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