Acoufelt unveils four new FilaSorb™ felt colors, inspired by the seasons

Acoufelt, global leader in soft architectural acoustic products, has introduced four new FilaSorb™ felt colors to its ‘Colorverse’ – Amethyst, Valentine, Wheat and Eucalyptus; hand-picked hues inspired by the essence of the seasons.


The accompanying ‘Seasonal Dreamscapes’ campaign weaves a story of color and seasonality, and the associated sensory experiences that come with each, inviting the user to explore a world of enhanced emotions and sensations.

A deep understanding of the human experience and thoughtful trend forecasting underscores the selection of the new colors. Each shade is tied back to one of the four seasons, and is offered a unique identity and emotional response based on the color and its distinct properties.

Journeying the new palette is new ‘Amethyst’; a sophisticated blend of white, pink, blue, and grey threads, resonating with the introspection and balance of Winter, ‘Valentine’; a soft pastel pink created from an even combination of white and pink threads, symbolizing the fresh beginnings and timeless elegance of Autumn, ‘Wheat’; a clean pastel yellow with beige overtones, embodying the vibrancy and social energy of Summer, and lastly ‘Eucalyptus’; capturing the tranquility and vitality of Spring with its mid-tone yellow-cast green hue.

“The upcoming new colors continue the trend of pulling back from bold primaries to focus on soft pastel tones that are delicate but rich in vibrancy”, says Karina Deboar, Material & Sustainability Manager at Acoufelt. “To develop on-trend colors, one must take inspiration from many places; nature, fashion, art and social movements, which all work to bind our interpretation of culture into our surroundings. These new FilaSorb™ colors are more than just hues; they are stories woven into the fabric of our spaces”.

Owing to its specialized construction, FilaSorb™ felt offers strong acoustic properties, acting to reduce excess noise and echo through exceptional absorption. Acoufelt’s FilaSorb™ felt is then used to construct products that are specially designed to promote peaceful and productive interior spaces. From wall to ceiling applications, each color will be offered across the brand’s broad range of interior acoustic collections – wall panels, shapes, tiles, ceiling panels, ceiling baffles, clouds and more.

The new pastel assortment beautifully complements Acoufelt’s existing color palette, yielding a profile of diverse hues that will serve a wealth of sectors and design visions.

For more information on the new colors and the ‘Seasonal Dreamscapes’ campaign, visit Seasonal Dreamscapes


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