Acoufelt supports Women In Design And Construction (WIDAC)

Acoufelt was proud to be the event sponsor for the Women in Design and Construction (WIDAC) “Avoid the Burnout” networking event held at Mott MacDonald in Sydney, Australia.

WIDAC coordinates events that provide women with the opportunity to network with other women within design, engineering, construction and related industries, gain industry related knowledge, share experiences and enjoy presentations from industry leading professionals.

On July 18 this year, Acoufelt teamed up with WIDAC to deliver an event focused on the topic of “Avoiding the Burnout”, exploring issues pertaining to how our high stress careers and busy social lives can impact our overall health and physical well-being. Led by a panel of health consultants and experts, the evening sought to provide practical tips on how we can decrease stress, improve our mental and physical health, implement and practice mindfulness and meditation, as well as arm ourselves with ways to be more productive.

The WIDAC organisation spans Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, and is focused on imparting strategies for women’s personal development and growth through annual events and workshops featuring guest speakers and industry professionals. As a cross industry networking group, WIDAC aims to empower, inspire, challenge and actively support individuals in the hopes of growing a community of diverse, empowered and resilient women.

Given people, strategy and culture sit at the heart of Acoufelt’s international success, Acoufelt was thrilled to partner with WIDAC in its endeavour to impart knowledge on this topic. As a whole-hearted supporter of workplace equality, and supporting women’s pursuits in the industry, Acoufelt understand how issues pertaining to work-life balance and ‘burn-out’ can lead to impediments in health and well-being. In addition to this, Acoufelt believes that as managers, teachers, landlords, facility managers, designers and architects, we hold both a legal and moral responsibility for the well-being, productivity and health of the individuals in the spaces we create. By fostering pleasant acoustic environments to accommodate the people within them, we add value to our business, institutions and residences.

Acoufelt congratulates WIDAC and the supporting team of experts and panellists for putting on another fantastic professional networking event, and for their sustained efforts in uniting women in the construction and design industries. 


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