Acoufelt carves path as industry leader with new Fracture Two-Tone collection.

Building on the success of its Fracture bevelled-cut offering, Acoufelt’s latest Fracture ‘Two-Tone’ collection offers a unique double layer panel in 10 new linework patterns. Utilizing high-quality technology and in-house machinery, precision linework is carved into the FilaSorb™ double layer premium acoustic felt, giving way to the accent color of the panel behind. 

With the company’s recent palette expansion bringing its total color offering to 38, the new Fracture Two-Tone collection will allow for over 14,000 unique color and pattern combinations, serving a wealth of sectors and design visions. 

Bringing advanced acoustic expertise and a wealth of textile experience into the design field, Acoufelt offers industry-leading soundscaping solutions. Attuned to the immersive experience of environment, Acoufelt’s considered portfolio encompasses interior textiles that offer enriching acoustic properties while remaining aesthetically modern. 

Fastidious planning in the development of Fracture Two-Tone has informed the 10 repeatable patterns, each groove cut to precise depth and width specifications to achieve a detailed finish entirely unique to Acoufelt. This allows for the panels to be installed side-by-side for a spectacular large scale pattern, or as a singular, standalone wall feature. The meticulous detail afforded to each cut design is the result of Acoufelt’s skilled team of in-house designers who continue to push the boundaries of materiality and technology.

The signature and namesake double layer construction of the panels also allows the user to play with color pairing, whereby the pattern carved into the double layer panel reveals the secondary color behind, creating a highlight effect. Designers can now ‘carve their unique color story’, pairing any one of Acoufelt’s 38 solid FilaSorb™ felt colors.   

Employing a manufacturing process that deftly weaves fine fibers of varying deniers, Fracture Two-Tone panels – alike all Acoufelt’s FilaSorb™ products – possess a sleek, smooth surface finish and rich depth of color. Also owing to this specialized construction technique, Fracture Two-Tone panels offer strong acoustic properties, achieving a minimum NRC of 0.45.

Reducing sound through exceptional absorption, products made from FilaSorb™ felt are specially designed to promote peaceful and productive spaces.

Ever evolving to improve human function, health, and wellbeing through its soundscaping collections, Acoufelt’s Fracture Two-Tone represents just one of many new products and collections to hit the international market this year.


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