Acoufelt acquire EC modular range

Acoufelt announces the acquisition of the EC Modular carpet tile range from EC Group as of the 1st of December, 2016.

 Acoufelt’s acoustic FWC™ philosophy looks at every surface as an opportunity for noise minimisation. A box – or cube – has six sides. Six internal surfaces that contribute to either reflecting noise or Making Quiet. These surfaces are: one floor, four walls and one ceiling. Acoufelt identified the need for an acoustic carpet solution to deliver the flooring component of its Acoustic FWC Philosophy.

“We needed to develop our own carpet tiles with very high acoustic properties”, says Phil Grace, co-owner. “The EC Modular carpet tile range exhibits excellent acoustic performance. When the opportunity came for us to acquire EC Modular, we saw it as an opportunity to quickly bring our first range of carpet tiles to market.” With the addition of the EC Modular range, Acoufelt now has a comprehensive set of options for addressing the “floor” in the Acoufelt Acoustic FWC Philosophy.

“We will continue to develop our own carpet tiles with an uncompromised focus on acoustic performance”, says Phil Grace. “We will have a renewed focus on stock across our key locations in Australia, as well as diversify our range and supply with other carpet tile solutions that deliver moderate level acoustic performance at a lower price point, catering to projects with a restricted budget.”

This latest move confirms Acoufelt as a serious player in interior acoustics with a holistic offering of soundscaping solutions.


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